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Wild Blue Yonder

(The view from the plane window this afternoon)

I left Los Angeles today around 3:00, on the 26th. My flight was delayed for a few hours, so I got to spend some welcome extra time hanging around the Tom Bradley International Terminal with my parents. Now it’s somewhere around 9:00 in Seoul, the 27th, I think, and I’m sitting in the airport, a rainstorm raging quietly outside the thick glass walls to my left. It’s cold in here, but, typically, I’ve forgotten my jacket on our kitchen counter in LA. Somehow I don’t mind; at least I’m better off than the poor rainsoaked Korean news anchors on the screen in front of me who lean into the wind, trying to look dignified, in front of collapsed bridges and in blacked out living rooms across the country.

The flight itself was surprisingly pleasant. I somehow lucked into a back row of three seats all to myself, and with the aid of my second to last half of a French sleeping pill, spent most of the flight curled up, cramped but asleep. There was terrible turbulence that woke me every few hours, but I didn’t really mind. It was almost comforting, the way it rocked the plane side to side to side like that baby in a tree in that nursery song. Besides, whenever I woke up, I would pop another no jet lag, which has hopefully improved matters. 

Even the food was good! I honestly think traveling with Asiana airlines was the first time I can remember actually enjoying airplane food! Look at this surprisingly credible version of airplane Bi Bim Bop they served:

(Bi Bim Bop before)

(and after)

They even served it with ban chen and a cute little instruction book on assembly, warning non-Korean travelers about the spiciness of the little tube of hot pepper paste, and instructing us on assembly methods: 

I kept it, and I think I’m going to send it to Jackson at school, to remind him not to surrender entirely to the charms of fancy Nappa Valley farm-to-table cuisine.

Now, its dark outside, and the rain shows no signs of abating. Hopefully they’ll get me a hotel room or something. The flight is still on standbye, groups of surprisingly cheerful  looking flight attendants filling the seats around me. Its really not bad in here, and I honestly wouldn’t even mind the wait at all if my laptop screen didn’t keep going dark! Oh well, one problem at a time, and updates as they come. I’ll let you know what happens when (if?) I get to Saigon!

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